I'm one in a million that can be found in New York City. Just an average girl who relates to many of you. ūüíē

My Secrets

If there’s one thing in life I don’t like…it’s the fact you aren’t here by my side. Some days are like I really need you then there are other days where I want you here. There events that I needed you here for like my high school graduation and my first day of college…I wanted you to be there. I bet you had a VIP seat but it’s not the same as if you were there…The next event I need you is the most important to a father which is meeting the fianc√©…who is gonna get there shot gun ready and say, “Where’s the sucker?” Then the next thing I know, you and my fianc√© are having beers and watching soccer. Then after endless planning for my dream wedding, you’ll walk me down the aisle and whisper to my fianc√© who you initially didn’t like and say, “Take care of my little girl.” Then years later, I’d have your grandchildren by my side with my husband. What? Is this selfish of me to say but I wish you weren’t such a goddamn addict?! You could have witnessed this happened but you literally killed yourself and left me with mommy which wasn’t enough. Could you have at least thought of me before you left this world?


I imagine my ex singing ‚Äústay with me‚ÄĚ by Sam smith because he‚Äôs a miserable son of a bitch and he‚Äôs also a puta too. A puta hoe. Fucking puta LOL.


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 Anonymous: turn ons? turn offs?


turn ons: tattoos, piercings, brown eyes, glasses.
turn offs: sexism, racism, rudeness, arrogant ppl


#ShareaCoke with the ones who summer wouldn’t be the same without. 


my mom once told me that writing your feelings down or drawing them out is very therapeutic and relaxing